Chair Sponsorship

We are currently offering opportunities to sponsor an NCO player’s chair for a season

This is an opportunity for you to support the NCO financially whilst also associating yourself with your chosen player. Your support will help us to continue to develop artistically and ensure that we are able to retain our world class musicians.

In addition to the benefits of the Patron Plus scheme, Chair Sponsorship benefits are:

  • Sponsor acknowledgement in season brochure with the name of the sponsored player; Sponsor acknowledgement in concert programmes; Sponsor acknowledgement on website.
  • Two complimentary tickets to an NCO Macclesfield concert of the sponsor’s choice, along with the opportunity to enjoy a post-concert drink with members of the NCO.

Chairs only have one sponsor, so this is a wonderful way to align yourself with your chosen musician.

To find out more about sponsoring an NCO player’s chair, contact NCO’s Chief Executive, Charlie Rowley on Tel: 0161 706 1990 or email:

Available Chairs

Ben Hudson

Jane Evans

Naomi Atherton
Jenny Cox

Peter Mainwaring

John Melbourne

Current Chair Sponsors

Simon Gilks
Supported by Angela Losse

Louise Latham
Supported by Eleanor Lewington

Rebecca Thompson
Supported by Dr Michael Sambrook

Michael Dale
Supported anonymously

Jennifer Langridge
Supported by Judy Jones, in memory of Alan

Barbara Grunthal
Supported by Peter Raynes

James Manson
Supported by Pam McKinlay in memory of Ken

Conrad Marshall
Supported by Dieter Senn

Nichola Hunter
Supported by Jane & Wyn Davies

Kenny Sturgeon
Supported by Caro Brown

Daniel Bayley
Supported anonymously

Elizabeth Jordan
Supported anonymously

Rachel Whibley
Supported by John Whibley Holidays

Tracey Redfern
Supported by Dr John Bush

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