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The Northern Chamber Orchestra’s Learning Team is a dynamic and dedicated group of professionals who are committed to spreading the joy of music and fostering creativity in people of all ages and abilities. With their extensive experience and adaptability, they have been instrumental in organising engaging sessions and workshops that cater to diverse audiences, from young children to adults.

For schools, the Learning Team has designed a captivating range of music sessions that not only introduce students to the wonderful world of music but also integrate it with various subjects and art forms. These innovative approaches allow students to explore the profound connections between music and disciplines like science, history, drama, dance, art, and literature. By merging these different fields, the team creates a stimulating learning environment that encourages cross-disciplinary thinking and enhances overall comprehension.

The success of their programmes is evident from the feedback received from educators and schools. A testimonial from a Class Teacher at Tyldesley Primary School in Wigan praises the NCO’s musicians for their remarkable ability to engage and captivate students fully.

“Fantastic! The players commanded a high standard of involvement and commitment.  The children were 100% focused.  Every class had a session that was tailored to their ability and interests of the children.  Thank you!”

The tailored approach to each class ensures that the sessions cater to the individual interests and abilities of the children, leaving a lasting impact on their musical journey.

Looking to the future, the NCO is embarking on an exciting new venture by piloting a fresh approach to their upcoming mini-seasons in Port Sunlight and Chester. They are keen on collaborating with various community groups across Wirral and Cheshire, bringing music to unexpected and unconventional venues. These events will include intimate mini-concerts, inspiring masterclasses, enlightening lecture demonstrations, and even recording sessions with young rock bands. By reaching out to different corners of the community, the NCO aims to make classical music accessible to all and broaden its appeal beyond traditional concert halls.

We are grateful to our partners at Storyhouse, FutureYard, Edsential CIC and Port Sunlight Trust for helping us to make these happen. It is through these collaborative efforts that the NCO can reach a wider audience and make a meaningful impact on the community’s cultural landscape.

For more information about NCO learning and participation opportunities, please contact Lawrence Dinh, education@ncorch.co.uk 

The NCO works with and is supported by several area music education hubs, such as ‘Accent’ Warrington and Halton Music Education Hub, the Love Music Trust, NYMAZ North Yorkshire Music Education Hub, Derbyshire, and Greater Manchester Music Education Hubs. These collaborations strengthen the NCO’s mission of spreading the power of music education and nurturing young talents in the field.

NCO Education Brochure

To view our Education brochure, follow this link or click the image below.

NCO Education remote session
NCO Education remote session