05.10.23 | Macclesfield Music Centre collaboration

Macclesfield Music Centre

The Northern Chamber Orchestra (NCO) and Macclesfield Music Centre (MMC) are delighted to announce their second-year partnership project, set to bring enriching musical experiences to MMC members. Over the course of the year, NCO musicians will engage with MMC in a series of sessions tailored to various instrumental sections. These sessions will provide MMC members, regardless of their skill level, with the invaluable opportunity to interact with and learn from NCO specialists.

The programme spans six Saturday mornings, offering MMC members unique opportunities for musical growth. It features diverse sessions catering to various instrumental sections. The NCO specialists share valuable insights and techniques, benefiting participants’ skills. Advanced Orchestra members gain expertise from NCO cellists, and double reed players refine their skills in the Double Reed Session. Brass and woodwind players enhance their abilities through the Brass and Woodwind Sessions. The programme concludes with a Strings Session and a captivating String Quartet Performance in MMC’s coffee shop, creating an enjoyable musical experience for all members.

These sessions promise to enhance the musical journey of MMC members and foster a deeper appreciation for the art of music. For more information and details on how to participate, please visit the Macclesfield Music Centre website.