The Northern Chamber Orchestra is at the heart of Macclesfield’s cultural life, enriching it with the beauty of music. Now, as we approach our 60th anniversary, we’ve embarked on a journey of expansion, bringing our concerts to audiences in Chester and Wirral.

Our music isn’t just a performance; it’s a connection that binds us all. With your resolute support, we’ve been able to bring music to our communities. From inspiring the young minds of tomorrow to bringing joy to people living in care homes, our community activities and outreach programmes have been our way of saying “thank you” to the place we call home.

The pandemic tested our resilience, but it didn’t dampen our spirit. Your generosity fuelled us during those challenging times, allowing us to continue our mission despite the odds. However, as we look ahead, we must recognise that another catastrophe could jeopardise all that we’ve worked so hard to build.

In a world where the arts are often underfunded, we’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re creating a Fighting Fund that will serve as a shield against uncertainty, safeguarding our mission to bring world-class music to the audiences that other orchestras do not reach. By contributing to our campaign, you’re not just supporting music – you’re supporting a legacy of creativity, inspiration, and innovation. Your generosity empowers aspiring musicians, fuels groundbreaking performances, and breathes life into the very essence of culture.


Planning for Growth: A Fighting Fund provides us with the ability to plan strategically for growth, such as expanding our repertoire, increasing educational initiatives, and reaching new audiences through innovative projects.

Maintaining Artistic Quality: An orchestra’s artistic excellence is built over time through investments in quality musicians, guest artists, music selection, and production values. A Fighting Fund ensures that we can uphold our standards even during challenging periods.

Financial Stability: Orchestras, like any organisation, face unexpected financial challenges. This fund will provide a safety net that helps us weather economic downturns, unforeseen expenses, or revenue fluctuations without compromising on the music.

Safeguarding Against Underfunding: Arts organisations often face challenges due to underfunding from traditional sources. A Fighting Fund will offset shortfalls and bridge funding gaps, ensuring that we can continue our operations smoothly.

Crisis Management: Fighting Funds can be a lifeline during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic or natural disasters. They allow us to continue paying musicians and maintain operations even when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

In short, we can’t do it without you. Your generosity has the power to create a crescendo of change, ensuring that our orchestra doesn’t just survive but thrives for years to come. Don’t forget, you can also Gift Aid your donation at no extra cost to yourself; which means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

Donations of this size could support us in acquiring new sheet music and scores for our repertoire, allowing us to expand our musical offerings.

This amount could help cover the cost of renting rehearsal spaces where we can fine tune our performances.

Running an orchestra involves administrative work, such as marketing, promotion, and coordination. Your donation could assist in covering these operational expenses, allowing the orchestra to focus on its artistic endeavours.

Contributions at this level could help invite guest musicians or soloists to collaborate with us, adding diversity and depth to our performances.

Donations at this level could support our educational initiatives, such as workshops, masterclasses, and outreach programmes that help nurture young talent and inspire future musicians as we are with Macclesfield Music Centre.

This amount could assist in covering the costs associated with putting on concerts throughout the North West, such as venue hire, technical equipment and lighting, creating an enhanced experience for the audience.

£1000 +
Larger donations could enable us to continue to bring world-class soloists to our stage, foster the creation of new compositions, and extend to previously unreached communities.

Legacy Giving
Legacy giving is your opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the Northern Chamber Orchestra’s continued success. By including us in your will, you create a legacy that sustains our mission and enriches the lives of countless music enthusiasts. Your generosity will support performances, education, and outreach programs that inspire and uplift. You can find out more at