Become a Friend of the Northern Chamber Orchestra

The Northern Chamber Orchestra (NCO) owes a significant part of its success to the unwavering support and dedication of its Friends organisation. These loyal and passionate individuals play a pivotal role in bolstering the orchestra’s mission by not only providing financial support but also offering their time and expertise at concerts and behind the scenes.

The NCO is privileged to have an extremely loyal and dedicated Friends organisation that stands with us through thick and thin. Our Friends generously contribute to the orchestra in various ways, including raising funds to support our concerts and community initiatives, as well as offering their invaluable assistance during concerts and in the office. This partnership is a testament to the vibrant sense of community that exists within the NCO family.

Benefits of Joining

One of the perks of being a Friend of the NCO is the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with it. Following our concerts in Macclesfield, Friends are entitled to join us in the foyer for a complimentary post-concert drink. This unique opportunity allows our Friends to mingle not only with fellow members but also with the orchestra’s musicians, fostering a deeper understanding of the music and the people who bring it to life. These post-concert gatherings are more than just a pleasant way to cap off a musical evening; they are a testament to the strong bonds that unite the NCO community.

In addition to the post-concert socials, there are several other compelling reasons to become a Friend. Our Friends receive regular newsletters, keeping them informed about NCO concerts, developments, and behind-the-scenes insights. Furthermore, they enjoy discounts on tickets for many of our promotions, making their concert experiences even more accessible and enjoyable. Friends are also cordially invited to our Pre-Concert Talks, where soloists and orchestra members provide unique insights into their musical interpretations and career journeys. These talks enrich the concert experience, offering a deeper connection to the music.

How Friends Make a Difference

By becoming a Friend of the NCO, you not only gain access to these exclusive benefits but also actively contribute to the orchestra’s growth and success. Friends make a meaningful impact through their membership fees, participation in Gift Aid, and engagement in social fundraising events. Their contributions provide vital support that helps us continue our musical endeavors and expand our outreach in the community.

How to Join

NCO Friends Membership (£40 Joint / £25 Single) provides the following benefits:

  • £1 off all tickets for concerts in Macclesfield
  • Friends newsletters
  • Pre-Concert Talks
  • Post-Concert drink and chance to meet members of the Orchestra
  • Special events for Friends

If you would like to become a Friend of the NCO, please follow this link, email or download the NCO Friends application form and return by post or email.