02.08.23 | Northern Chamber Orchestra’s Heartwarming Return to Belong Morris Feinmann Care Home

Last week, the Northern Chamber Orchestra, the longest-standing chamber orchestra in the North West, brought the healing power of music back to the Belong Morris Feinmann Care Home in Didsbury, Manchester. This exceptional concert was not only a celebration of musical talent but also an opportunity to enrich the lives of care home residents as part of the Mind Music programme, specifically designed for individuals living with dementia.

Led by the talented musicians Michael Dale on viola, Simon Gilks on violin, Naomi Atherton on horn, and Diane Clark on double bass, the concert transported the residents on a melodic journey. The soothing sounds and harmonious melodies created a captivating experience that transcended the boundaries of age and memory, leaving a lasting impact on both the performers and their audience.


The Mind Music programme, a groundbreaking initiative designed to bring music therapy to those living with dementia, has proven to be a beacon of hope and joy for individuals in care homes. As dementia can often isolate and alienate its victims from their surroundings, music has proven to be an effective means of connecting with them on a profound emotional level. It has the ability to evoke cherished memories and emotions, igniting a sense of belonging and improving the overall well-being of the residents.

Belong Morris Feinmann Care Home, known for its commitment to fostering a warm and nurturing environment, welcomed the Northern Chamber Orchestra with open arms. The care home’s staff and residents eagerly anticipated the concert, knowing that it would be a memorable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

The orchestra’s commitment to the community, especially to those facing the challenges of dementia, not only showcases the orchestra’s artistic prowess but also proves that music has the capacity to heal and connect.

The concert at Belong Morris Feinmann Care Home was made possible through the generous support of CDL, a Stockport-based software company. CDL’s commitment to the community and its belief in the power of music as a healing force played a vital role in bringing the Mind Music programme to life.