28.06.23 | Northern Chamber Orchestra embark on new venture in Chester and Port Sunlight

The Northern Chamber Orchestra is set to embark on an exciting new venture as they pilot a groundbreaking approach to their upcoming mini seasons in Port Sunlight and Chester. This ambitious project will see the esteemed orchestra engaging with diverse community groups across Wirral and Cheshire, aiming to break down barriers and bring classical music to new audiences.

In a series of initiatives designed to foster inclusivity and accessibility, the Northern Chamber Orchestra will undertake an array of activities that go beyond traditional concert performances. This multifaceted approach includes mini-concerts, masterclasses, lecture demonstrations, and recording sessions with young rock bands, creating a unique fusion of genres and styles.

The orchestra’s presence will be felt in unexpected venues throughout the region as they pop up in schools, care homes, dance classes, bars, and libraries. This innovative strategy seeks to reach individuals who may not typically have access to classical music and bring the transformative power of orchestral performances to their doorstep.

The Northern Chamber Orchestra extends its gratitude to its valued partners for their support in making these extraordinary events possible. Storyhouse, FutureYard, Edsential CIC, and the Port Sunlight Trust have collaborated with the orchestra to facilitate this groundbreaking project, sharing a common vision of promoting cultural engagement and community integration.

Furthermore, the Arts Council has provided a generous grant to support the Northern Chamber Orchestra’s pioneering endeavour. This funding acknowledges the importance of fostering artistic innovation and connecting with diverse communities, enabling the orchestra to bring their captivating performances to audiences who may not have previously experienced the magic of live classical music. Their collaborative efforts aim to break down traditional boundaries and showcase the profound impact that music can have on individuals from all walks of life.

Through their involvement with schools, care homes, dance classes, bars, and libraries, the Northern Chamber Orchestra aspires to spark a love for music, ignite imaginations, and cultivate a sense of unity and belonging within the community. By engaging with young rock bands in recording sessions, the orchestra also aims to bridge the gap between different musical genres and create an innovative soundscape that resonates with diverse audiences.

This pioneering project promises to leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Wirral and Cheshire, uniting communities, and enriching lives through the universal language of music.