Here are a few reviews from recent NCO learning projects:


BBC Ten Pieces Project 2015: Warrington and Halton Primary (and Secondary Schools)

Feedback from Janice Pounds (Arts Adviser, Strategic Lead, ‘Accent’ Music Education Hub):

On behalf of the Hub I wanted to thank you for making the 10 Pieces /GCSE Set Works Concerts such a success.

I realise that a great deal of work went into making these events very special and I hope that members of the orchestra were happy with the end result.  Students were very complimentary about the standard of performance with many commenting that they hadn’t heard an orchestra before.

It is very rewarding to bring something to a person’s life for the first time and we should all feel rewarded by that.”

NCO BBC Ten Pieces project 2015 with The Heath School, Warrington:                   

Feedback from Alison Dale (teacher):

“Just to say a huge thank you for the performance today!

It was absolutely fantastic and all of the pupils enjoyed it so much.  On returning back to class, they couldn’t believe the quality of the playing and some were really mesmerised, as they had never seen anything quite like the orchestra in full flow.  The introductions and explanations of the pieces were also just perfect for our GCSE cohorts, so a huge thank you for that.”

Macclesfield Silk Heritage Project 2014 with Parkroyal Community Primary School

Feedback from Mrs Napier (teacher):

“I think the children became much more aware of the importance of the quality of performance.  …they learnt a lot about team work.  The parents/ friends/ carers who came to the performance were delighted with what they heard – excellent feedback.”

Feedback from participating children:

How did the workshop make you feel?

“Joyful”, “Happy and excited”, “I feel more confident in music.”

“I enjoyed composing the music the most because this is the first time I have done it.”

“I learnt a lot more about the history of Macclesfield.”

“I loved writing music and acting.”

“A lot about silk and how to create music”

“They were all really nice and they came up with some great songs with us.”

“I also loved writing the songs because I had never done anything like that before.”

Did you enjoy working with the musicians?

“I did because they are professionals who helped us, as we are mostly amateurs.”

Carnival of the Animals Project 2014 with Warrington / Halton Primary Schools

Feedback from participating children:

What was your favourite thing about the workshop?

“Playing with a professional orchestra.”

“Learning the actions while singing.  It was quite interesting doing the actions.”

“My fave thing was performing and going to Parr Hall – it was very fun and I loved it.”

“I like the singing and the warm up – well, everything.”

“When one of the animal dances started and they played music before and after with the piano and all sorts of instruments.”

“All of the tongue twisters were good as well as the music they knew and played for us.”

“Helping the people do the bear beat and being part of it.  Also, the people were very nice.  Plus, I did it with my friends.”

“In the concert – when it was our turn to perform because we woke the audience up with a big shock because we were very loud.”

“The musicians were funny and very easy to talk to and gave good advice.”

“Meeting the nice orchestra and doing the samba bears.”