Chairman Malcolm Allcard

Photo of NCO Chairman, Malcolm Allcard

A mechanical engineer by trade, Malcolm took up a senior management post in Northern Ireland, which involved setting up a new production unit – a great challenge at the age of 25, particularly in view of the political situation there in 1969.  It was, however, a great experience.

In such an excellent boating area, he became ‘hooked’ on canals, small boats and sailing, so, after seven years in Ulster, he returned to England with his wife, Alison, to live in Marple (and raise three daughters) and to set up the Four Seasons Restaurant Boat, run from Top Lock.  The business was a real success and became their livelihood for 36 years.  Malcolm also built several narrow boats and latterly created a boat handling training centre, which still keeps he and Alison very busy (in their semi-retirement) – running courses across the country.  They still find time to take their trusty old boat, The Four Seasons, around the canal system and to enjoy their other interests – including classical music and NCO concerts.

Malcolm is a very active NCO Chairman, a role he has held since November 2011 and the Orchestra continues to benefit from his time, commitment and business experience.


Additional NCO Board Members

Naomi Atherton, **Malcolm Brown, John Bush, Ronald Graham, Kate Grimoldby, Conrad Marshall, Peter Thomasson, Stephen Threlfall, Mike Wilbey, 

**Match arranged via Business in the Arts: North West ‘Better Board Bank’